Timberdoodle Review|Little Children’s Drawing Book

Where do I begin? I was drawn in (no pun intended) from the moment I took the book out of the box.

The Little Children’s Drawing Book is part of the Timberdoodle preschool curriculum. My model is four years old and she’s definitely the target age! 

dsc07632Each page is filled with colorful bugs + animals, explaining exactly what to do. So cute!

On this page, the bee introduces you to his friend giraffe who needs spots on his neck. With every direction, there’s a model for your child to follow.

Miss Lady Bug asks you to draw flowers on each stem – the perfect page to get creative with your colors!

The Little Children’s Drawing Book is an exceptional tool to teach pre-writing skills. Assuming your four year old isn’t reading, you’ll want to supervise the fun!

I’m sitting here trying to come up with fancy, creative ways to tell you that I loved this book. All I really need to say is, I loved this book!

But don’t take my word for it. When asked what her favorite part of the lesson was, Teagan said, “circling the socks and lily pads for the frogs, making peas and spaghetti. It’s a lot of things that I liked about it!” 

There ya go.

Thank you, Timberdoodle, for providing such a fun afternoon of learning! And thank you, Teagan for spending the afternoon with me!

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