Trunk or Treat + Halloween Weekend

Halloween was busy this year. Jackson joined us for Trunk or Treat at our church last Wednesday night.

JP helped design the youth group’s van. I was so proud of him for participating this year.

Friday night I joined my friends at the Greer Heritage Museum for their Classic Ghost Tour. More than the creepy ghosts, I enjoyed learning the history of the town. If you didn’t get a chance to attend one of the tours, definitely make plans for next year. 👻 The museum is run by volunteers and funded by donations. Check out their website + consider supporting their efforts!

Abbey Kay’s Southern Baked Goods for the win!

Saturday night we had our annual cookie decorating with Allyson + Jackson. Not to be confused with the annual Christmas Gingerbread House disaster designing ~ I’m MUCH better at smearing frosting on a sugar cookie!

Can you guess which one is mine?!?

Preston had his final baseball tournament this weekend. They ended up winning their bracket on Sunday! Way to go, guys! (And yay for a little break!)

Sunday evening, we split up and celebrated Halloween in two different places. I wasn’t 100% fond of not being with Preston and JP at the same time, but such is life when you no longer have toddlers in the house.

Preston had a blast with his friends trick or treating + (I’m sure) acting like a total nut!
JP + Andrew had fun walking Earle Street + taking candy from the kids who actually dressed up for Halloween! 😆

I would like to present myself with a Best Mom award for orchestrating an entire night of shenanigans for two teens rather than watching movies on Netflix in my pajamas.

It’s been a fun week. I’m patting us on the back for being so festive. Jack and Faye even went to a Halloween party! Who are we?


Candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed. I don’t understand how it’s recorded as America’s least favorite candy. Honestly, I’m a little disturbed. I love Candy Corn! In the 1800’s, about half of America worked on farms. Companies marketed agricultural-themed candies for kids ~ turnips, pumpkins, and chicken feed! Apparently corn wasn’t considered “human” food once upon a time!

Michael Myers’ original mask was a Captain Kirk mask. Back in the day, if kids dressed as Captain Kirk for Halloween, the mask was $2 and is what we know today as the Michael Myers Mask. Artists flattened it out, widened the eyes and teased the hair for the psychotic superstar. 😳

Silly String is banned in Hollywood on Halloween. How bizarre! It’s true ~ I guess the city got tired of cleaning up the colorful vandalism. You can be fined $1000 for using it. Businesses aren’t even allowed to sell it to you on October 31.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus was originally called Halloween House. My friends and family are not okay with the fact that I hate this movie. I know it makes me un-American or something. The idea was based on a bedtime story the producer/co-writer told his kids every Halloween. Originally, the theme was much darker. Oh, and the scene where moths fly out of Billy’s mouth… those were actual moths! He had a small pocket in his mouth to keep the moths from sliding down his throat. 🤢 Kill me now.

I hope you guys had a fabulously creepy weekend!

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