Sweet Summertime

Hello! Hello! Wow. This month has FLOWN by! My goal was to spend the month of May writing and preparing content for you. In reality, I did absolutely NOTHING.

Now. When I say I did “absolutely nothing,” you understand I didn’t actually slow down and do nothing. The dynamics of our house doesn’t allow for that. 🤪 I did spend a lot less time on my phone and in front of the computer. I gotta tell ya, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I might have to take a month long break twice a year!

At the very least, taking a short break from writing allowed me to focus on other irons I have in the fire. I spent time mentally prioritizing, deciding what I want to give the majority of my time and attention to moving forward.

I don’t have everything sorted out, but I do have a plan for the summer.

With gas prices SOARING, we will definitely spend less time on the road. When I first made the public declaration (to the boys 🙄), they didn’t have much of a reaction. JP doesn’t care at all – he hibernates during the summer anyway. He loathes the heat. Preston was like, “cool, I’m good by the pool with my friends.” So there ya go. All the planning and preparing and laying awake at night-ing I do in the hopes of providing The Most Amazing Summer Ever is basically pointless.

They’re 💯 “cool” settling into simplicity.

We’ll still splash around the occasional swimming hole. We’re also looking forward to the Upcountry History Museum, The Children’s Museum, and Roper Mountain (you know, all the inside stuff).

Oh, and the NEW Unity Park! Especially now that they’ve added shade. This peri-menopausal mama ain’t handlin’ the heat all that well!

Unity Park Splash Pad

This summer I will be intentional about creating peace in our small corner of the world (bc the world is anything but peaceful). It’ll look a lot like swimming, dinners on the grill, TV series, movies, books, and endless time with family + friends!

Happy summer, y’all!

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