Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is never easy. JP makes jokes and laughs it off, but I know it bothers him too. He’s been really quiet today. He says it’s because he’s “tired,” but I don’t think so.

We talked papa into playing hooky from church. Those of you who know him, can you believe it?!? Further proof he would literally do anything for these boys. I’ve played hooky from church on Father’s Day for several years. It is not fun listening to a sermon on the importance of the father’s role in the home. As a single mom, my heart breaks for these kids. I usually cry the whole time. I decided a while back not to sit myself (or JP) in the pew with those emotions.

Today, we slept in and went to Monterrey for lunch. Jack lives his best life at Monterrey. We go every Sunday, but we beat the lunch crowd this time!

I feel like I recycle the same words each year to say thanks to my dad. Basically, he’s everything to our boys, and I’m beyond thankful for his influence. Our lives and circumstances may be an ever-changing clown show, but Jack never changes. He provides stability and unconditional love for JP and Preston. This is the point where I typically say something like, “one day they’ll know how blessed they are.” Truth is, they already know. I told JP I was sorry his relationship with his dad wasn’t ideal. He didn’t even hesitate, “it’s totally fine, mom, I have Papa.” Exactly. We’re all totally fine.

We have papa.

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