Hello From The Road| Dollywood🦋

Did you know Dollywood has educational resources & curriculum available on their website? They also have discounted days in August & September each year for homeschool families!

Last Friday was the perfect day to head up the mountain. Papa Jack even took the day off work to join us.

We weren’t in the park five minutes before Preston found a roller coaster I wasn’t willing to ride. You know what that means… papa had to ride! Actually, he didn’t have to. He just doesn’t tell Preston NO. Ever.

The Lightning Rod. I’ve lucked out the past couple of trips – it wasn’t running. I can’t handle coasters like I used to. The jerking gives me a headache. I won’t admit that it bothers my back and knees – that would make me sound old.

We also won’t talk about how Jack lost his phone on the ride.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween. If you’ve not experienced Halloween at Dollywood, you’re missing out!
The Birds of Prey show is always a big hit.
We didn’t ride the Smokey Mountain Railroad. Maybe next time… Jackson would love it!
Lunch break!
Thankful for salad when I’m too hot to eat BBQ.
Footage of Laurie and Preston riding Rampage for the third time. 😆

The only thing that would have made this trip better would have been having JP with us. Y’all know he hibernates till fall.

We’re working on a Dollywood travel story now for the Greenville site. We’ll be sure to include all the educational details, and I’ll share the link when it’s published.

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