Food Diaries: entry 5, Eggs Up Grill (Downtown Greenville)











(Pssst… Eggs UP is the only place in Greenville where you’ll find granola wheat pancakes. If you’ve not tried them, you are definitely NOT living your best life)


It’s no secret Eggs Up Grill is my Saturday morning JAM. Back in January, when I hopped on this (very long and frustrating) road to better health, giving up Saturday morning breakfast was not an option. 

Sweet tea, sausage and cheese omelette + 2 Buckwheat Granola Pancakes ON REPEAT, ya’ll. #sorrynotsorry

Listen, just because you commit to eating a healthier diet doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. The key is, you can’t eat everything you love all the time. That’s what I used to do. Breakfast food makes my world go ’round and I used to eat HUGE every. single. morning.  Seriously. Move over truckers, ’cause Andrea is rollin’ out of bed. 

I wish I was kidding.

Don’t worry though, that has changed. In fact, the granola wheat pancakes I have at Eggs Up are the only pieces of bread I put in my mouth ALL WEEK. No exceptions. I’ve even stopped drinking tea every day. (Somebody pinch me because I still can’t believe that’s real). 

So keep things whole and green and all the other healthy words throughout the week so you can treat yourself to an amazing breakfast on the weekend! If you stop in Eggs Upmaybe I’ll see you!  I hear they have the MOST handsome host (ahem, Preston) seating customers… And they definitely have the greatest staff!

Happy Monday!





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