Food Diaries: entry 6, River City Cafe




20170220_140552I ate a BIG, fat cheeseburger on Monday and I have NO PLANS to apologize for it.  One of the places we like to eat when we are at Surfside beach is River City Cafe.  The biggest reason?  Because it sits in the sand, duh.  A few months ago,  I was there with a friend and ordered their Pimento Cheese Burger. It was AMAZING!  So, you-know-where would freeze over before I ordered a grilled chicken salad and water this past weekend!

Find your grandmother – or wait – just slap whoever is standing next to you right now!  It is one of the best things I have eaten in a long time. Granted, you have to like burgers and pimento cheese, but HAVE MERCY is all I have to say.

Now, this should be the part in my diary where I tell you how bad I felt afterwards and how, after eating healthy for so many weeks, it didn’t even taste good.  Yeah…umm…that’s not going to happen. 

It was SO, SO, SO (did I say SO?) good!  #sorrynotsorry





Apart from this meal, I stuck to my new “diet” plan on our trip. I certainly won’t make it a habit, but once in a while you simply have to say YES to the grease!

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