Laughter is the Best Medicine



Nike  + Old Navy are the best! 




IMG_20170318_170657We love Waves & Hazy Daze










As crazy as things get in our little corner of the world, this guy spends 90% of his time laughing!

We were reminded this weekend just how healing laughter can be. 

Saturday morning JP, his dad, and I took our dog to the vet to have her put to sleep. We JUST had our other dog put down last month, so Saturday was particularly hard. 

For me, this event brought up so many emotions that I’ve successfully suppressed for 4 years.  Sandy (our cocker spaniel) joined our family when she was 6 weeks old.  She was a loving, faithful companion. Unfortunately, when I got divorced, I was not able to keep her.  I gave her to my ex-husband’s grandmother.  As painful and as difficult as it was, it truly turned out for the best.  The bond that formed between Sandy and Mimi was beautiful and without a doubt has kept both of them alive and well for many years.

Friday night I took JP to spend time with Sandy.  It was the first time I’d seen her in 2 years.   I guess I’ll describe the emotion as bittersweet.  I’ve carried around an enormous amount of guilt over having to give her up.  It made me feel like a terrible fur-mom.  I was so nervous to see her and love on her after such a long time.

Without a doubt, it was the best decision.  Being with her gave me closure and began the process of healing old wounds I didn’t even know were still there.

The pictures above were taken later in the afternoon on Saturday. It was so great to listen to JP laugh after crying so hard only hours before – proof that true joy isn’t contingent upon our present circumstances. 


Sandy Beam, December 2002  – March 2017

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