Parenting ADHD: Puberty

Just the word makes my skin crawl.

Is this what hate feels like? Because I’m sure I hate puberty.  We’re not technically there, but it’s coming.

How do I know? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Because my son behaves like an @$$hole. Not all the time, simmer down! He is sweet and kind and loving and cute probably 85% of the time. But the other 15%… being run over by a slow moving car would feel better. 

You parents out there who’ve endured these tween years… do you feel me?

The attitude. The mouth. The hateful words. The eye-rolls. Oh my GAH, the eye -rolls. Where did this child come from? I haven’t taught this. We all KNOW I’m not perfect, but come on! 

There are times during the day when I question whether or not he’s human. Because surely humans don’t talk to their mother this way. Then again, I’ve heard that Tweens aren’t actually human, so there you go. ADHD only makes things worse. JP has always been explosive, dramatic and impulsive. Now, he’s explosive, dramatic and impulsive… ON CRACK.

You can thank me later because I’ve compiled a very professional, very wise list of 5 ways to handle your pre-pubescent child with ADHD:

You’re welcome.








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