A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words|Terrace Greenville




IMG_1213Thankfully A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words because I’m having a hard time coming up with an adequate description of the new Terrace on S. Main in downtown Greenville.

IMG_1264I had the opportunity to attend their VIP Preview Party Wednesday night and had the best time!  We’ll get to the actual food in a minute.  First, let’s talk atmosphere…






IMG_1249The first thing that jumped out at me was the color scheme and lighting.  Well, that and the metal tree “growing” beside the hostess’ desk – it was SO cool!  Everything is a dark wood and the lights are dim but not dark ( I mean, how can you take pictures of your food without adequate lighting.  Duh).  The whole place was warm and inviting.  Calming. The acoustics were good, too.  I know I’m not reviewing a concert at The Well, but seriously.  We’ve all eaten in restaurants/cafes where you can’t hear yourself think, much less carry on a decent conversation with the people at your table.  It wasn’t like that at all at TerraceI carried my mom with me and we both had a very pleasant experience.  (It might have had a tiny bit to do with the fact that there were NO children with us. Just sayin’). 

Everything was perfect, from the lighting to the acoustics to the food.  Ah yes… the food. 


IMG_1220They had yummy sweet tea.  I realize this is not important for everyone – okay, maybe not to anyone – but it is essential for me.  We are in the South, people, come on!

IMG_1222First up were these mushroom appetizers.  Honestly, they were almost too pretty to eat, but that only lasted about 15 seconds.  And it probably only took about 60 for us to polish off the plate I definitely give them two thumbs up.

We had the good fortune of ordering three main entrees.  Due to our undying love of breakfast food, two of the three were breakfast items.

IMG_1233Allow me to introduce you to their Caramel Apple French Toast.  Yeah, let that sink in a minute…

IMG_1240I promise you it tasted even better than it looks, and that’s saying a LOT!  As if the apples and toast weren’t enough, whip cream??  How did they know that the way to my heart was through whip cream?!

Next up was a Red Velvet Waffle with a Fried Chicken Breast and cream cheese icing.



IMG_1246Last, but certainly not least, you guys know I couldn’t leave without trying the Shrimp and Grits.

 It’s not really okay for a writer to run out of words, however, once in a while (but not very often) you find yourself speechless.  This was one of those times.


IMG_1258Greenville friends, you’re in luck because Terrace opens TODAY!!

Go ahead and log off your computer, hang the “Gone to lunch” sign on your door and let me know what you think once you’re back in the office.

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