Feeling Like Fall in Fall’s Park + Bellacinos Pizza

IMG_5472I want to begin this post by talking about Bellacinos Pizza. I’ve pretty much decided it’s my favorite place to eat pizza in downtown Greenville. As I’ve said, the weather this weekend was perfect. We snagged a table outside Bellacinos and had the most fabulous lunch.

IMG_5469Teagan joined us for lunch and a little fun in Falls Park. (Her mom and dad came too, but they’re not as cute as she is). 


IMG_5474We had the BEST morning. This little stinker slays me. Her personality is bubbly and spills over for everyone around her to enjoy!






IMG_5487(This guy’s kinda cute too)



IMG_5491I think I’ll take her, dirty face and all.

IMG_5495Something tells me her mom and dad wouldn’t give her up. Oh well. I’ll just have to enjoy her as often as I can!

So, this storm. I’ve been super anxious because my dad and uncle left Saturday morning for Florida. They are contractors for Duke Energy and joined the storm team. One part of me is proud of their bravery and willingness to risk their own lives to help others. A larger part of me is thinking, “HURRY HOME! I don’t want you to be out in weather like this!” 

But, they didn’t ask me, so…

I hope you guys are having a great week so far! Hey, we’re half way to the weekend again!

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