road trip to alpharetta, georgia

Atlanta’s not the only HOT town in Georgia. Alpharetta might be my new go-to. It’s easily a day trip from Greenville, but we decided to make it a weekend and still didn’t come close to experiencing all this suburb has to offer families.

Located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Alpharetta has all the advantages of the big city. Everything you could want or need is within a five mile radius and you can drive the speed limit ANY time of day!

Our first morning in town, we ventured out to Goldberg’s Fine Foods for breakfast.




IMG_0688I’m not sure where this place has been my whole life, but I have fallen in love.

IMG_0689Speakers were placed throughout the area and music was playing everywhere. We were quite literally Dancing in the Streets. Well, at least Preston was – JP was mortified and walking five blocks ahead of us.



IMG_0698Goldberg’s spoke my love language.






IMG_0701This was the perfect place for our little tribe. The food was write-home worthy and the service was extra-ordinary.

Talking with the locals can be very enlightening. Listen to thisOnce upon a time, Jennifer Aniston’s car broke down close to Alpharetta. After visiting the town, she commented on how friendly the people were and said she might just retire there. 

I can’t say I blame her. “I’ll Be There for You,” Jenn, because we loved it too!

Alpharetta has something for EVERYONE. Stay tuned for the next few blog posts covering the rest of our weekend.


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