Jaycee Park in Pickens

About a month ago, I was working on a Park Guide for Kidding Around Greenville and stumbled upon Jaycee Park in Pickens, SC. I was by myself the morning I found it. After taking the photos, I hopped in my car, grabbed the boys from school and drove all the way back to let them play. If that’s not a review in and of itself, I don’t know what is.


IMG_2521IMG_2523So much of the play structures are built out of tires – the most unique part.



IMG_2560I mean, when was the last time you climbed in a tire swing?! We thought that was worth the thirty minute drive from Greenville. 




IMG_2527This is a climbing wall, by the way. Ocean creatures – it’s like they knew we were coming!


IMG_2525My only regret is not spending more time in this “adult” swing.


IMG_2531If (or should I say when) you step outside the gate, you’ll find a paved walking trail.


IMG_2533You can’t tell from this picture, but just behind this bench is a creek. There’s a sandbar and the water is clear. You know what that means…

IMG_2570You guessed it! I probably don’t have to tell you that we had to DRAG the kids away from this spot. You might wanna keep it a secret until you’re done with the playground facilities. It’s also a good idea to carry extra clothes, towels and water shoes in the car. Believe me,  you’ll need them.


IMG_2568If you’re not a fan of wet and dirty or you visit on a day when there’s just not time, your kids do not have to know the creek is there. It’s not visible from the playground or parking lot.

Jaycee Park is definitely on our Summer Adventure list!

149 N Homestead Rd Pickens, SC 29671

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