Home of the Free Because of the Brave|Memorial Day

Rain, rain, GO AWAY!! We are dying here in the Upstate. It’s been raining for months (I might be exaggerating a little). Still. It seems like an eternity. We’re ALL a little more than over it, thank you very much!

Nevertheless, we were determined to celebrate Memorial Day around town with Papa (aka, my dad).

IMG_5151There are several memorials in Greenville that we wanted to visit. Each year we attend a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial at County Square but it was cancelled due to the rain.




IMG_5154You gotta love Preston’s patriotism! He dressed himself and was so proud.





IMG_5188The Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Memorial is a big hit around town. Mainly because of the airplane. Monday was the first time I’d read the actual history (shameful, I know). Even JP was fascinated. Located right outside Cleveland Park, it’s a must see.

Next up, our favorite spot.

IMG_5199The Vietnam Memorial. For those of you who may not know, my dad (Jack) is a Vietnam Veteran. He served our country in the Marines.

IMG_5202We spent the majority of our time here, for obvious reasons.


IMG_5205I always tear up watching dad get emotional (he’d never admit it) over seeing his friend’s name on the wall.




IMG_5207This year, for the first time, we drove to Mauldin to see the Korean War Memorial.




IMG_5232No, freedom is NOT free and we’re thankful for the men and women who paid the ultimate price for mine.


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  1. These are great pictures. You’re building wonderful memories. The boys will always have an appreciation for the military services.


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