Cookies & (Ice) Cream


IMG_4721Marble Slab and Great American Cookies have come to South Main. Who else is excited?!


IMG_4725You can get ice cream and cookies all at one stop ’cause these favorites are IN THE SAME BUILDING! (Yes, I did scream that)


IMG_4730Samples? I think I will. Thanks.

IMG_4739What is it with kids and gummy bears on top of ice cream? It’s a thing. I volunteered at the ice cream station during JP’s 5th grade day and the ONLY topping they wanted was Gummies. Umm, hello green-face throw up emoji. 


IMG_4743There’s plenty of indoor seating, but our favorite part was the picnic tables set up outside. IMG_4744


IMG_4748This is Preston’s I’m-gonna-drive-you-crazy-cause-you-gave-me-so-much-sugar face. 

IMG_4757Might as well dive into the cookie bag while we’re here.



IMG_4761Need I say more? If you’re driving towards Fluor Field from North Main, this sugary stop is on the left just before you reach Smoke on the Water.

You’re welcome.

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