Braves Country Road Trip|SunTrust Park


IMG_5059Apparently, the Braves and SunTrust Park take their show on the road! This came as a pleasant surprise a few Saturdays ago when we were finishing up at the Farmers Market.


IMG_5063If SunTrust Park delivers half the entertainment they brought to NOMA Square, we definitely need to make a trip.


IMG_5039You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing in life is free.” Well, that did not apply to this day. EVERYTHING was free! I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure I caused a couple of eyes to roll because I kept asking everyone, “are you sure it doesn’t cost anything?” 

IMG_5057They had virtual reality set up with tours of SunTrust Park. This was Preston’s favorite.


IMG_5065Jose Alvarez pitched to the kids. Of course, Preston had NO clue who he was (insert eye-roll emoji).  I explained that he used to pitch for the Braves.




IMG_5064Remember how I said everything was FREE? Yeah, this food didn’t cost a dime. Can you tell I was amazed by this? 


IMG_5070These guys were SO good. Preston was mesmerized.




IMG_5053Needless to say, it was a great (for lack of a better adjective) day.

Keep your eyes open, Greenville, this event wasn’t really advertised. Our city is full of surprises!

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