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I mentioned in my New Beginnings post that my blog has taken on different faces over the years. When I first started writing, I was in the middle of the grueling process that’s International Adoption. The entire journey took roughly eighteen months. JP’s birth mom carried him to a children’s home run by American missionaries in Solola when he was fifteen days old. When he was four months old, his dad and I went to meet him in person.


We spent seven glorious days in Guatemala. I’ve almost forgotten how we ate peanut butter on saltine crackers three meals a day for seven days. 

 Holding my answer to prayer for the first time was the most unbelievable feeling. I had prayed for his sweet little face for what felt like an eternity. We planned to take him home at the end of the week.

Little did we know, our paperwork was NOWHERE near being approved by their government (we were so naive then). At the end of seven days, I had to hand JP back to his nanny. And by ‘hand him back,’ I mean, they had to literally pry him out of my hands. I cried all the way to the airport.

Actually, I cried every day for six months. Not so glorious.

During those long, excruciating days of waiting, I wrote a lot. Today, I thought I’d share one of my old posts with you.

Mount Up with Wings Like Eagles

There is a reason the Bible refers to eagles so many times. Did you know that during a storm eagles fly straight up in the air until they rise above it? It’s not always easy for them. They struggle , but they never stop flying. Their goal is to get through it. How easy would it be for them to hide out in a tree or something? Avoiding the storm isn’t an option. 

When eagles get sick, they fly to the top of a rock. Once there, they lie on their backs, spread their wings and allow the sun to beat down on their chests. The sun drains the poison out of their bodies. 

Eagles are very smart birds. The first thing they do when there’s trouble is fly straight up. When they are not feeling well, they go straight to the sun. They understand where their energy comes from. 

I should take notes. I tend to hide out until the storm passes.

Isn’t life funny? At the time, adopting JP was the hardest thing I had faced.

Little did I know…

I wonder how much easier my life would be if I flew to the Rock and sat (still) under the Son at the first sign of trouble.

Maybe then the storms wouldn’t seem so threatening.






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