A Thank You to the Man on the Beach




DSC00515(I promise this is my last post from last week’s beach trip)

With all the negativity in the news and all the storm coverage, I thought it would be nice to take a little break and share photos of Preston fishing with his new island friend. I’m not going to ramble on. Enjoy the photos (taken with my Sony) and I’ll share my Instagram post at the end.







IMG_9722From Instagram: 

Dear Stranger on the Beach, I can’t thank you enough for inviting Preston to fish with you. You let him reel in your small catch and showed him how to remove it without getting hurt (because you also taught him that Bluefish have teeth and can be aggressive). What you DON’T know is, his new fishing rod broke before he got a chance to use it and cried because he couldn’t bring it to the beach. The 30 minutes you spent sharing this moment with him, made his entire day! 

There are good people in this world and I am thankful to have met this one.





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