Explore the 47: Myrtle Beach State Park


Happy Wednesday morning, ya’ll! I know I’ve shared a lot of State Park content over the past week, but it’s what we’ve been up to so…

As you read this, we are traveling back to Greenville (yay! I’m ready to stay put for a bit). We’ve got till May to finish our park journey, so this is only the beginning. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of time this summer with mom’s health issues. Now that things have settled down in that department, we will be on the go quite a bit until we reach #UltimateOutsider status (click the link to learn how you can become an Ultimate Outsider) with SC State Parks! 

We’ve been at Myrtle Beach State Park the past two days. It’s definitely one of my favorites, for many reasons.

IMG_0982A boardwalk runs beside the parking lot to the pier. Signs placed along the way teach about sea and plant life.

DSC01018We love the picnic tables outside the Gift Shop. Each table has an umbrella and is perfect for your outdoor picnic.

DSC01066Picnic tables are scattered everywhere throughout the park, but I love these shelters along the boardwalk. They look like little doll houses – with a killer view!

DSC01036It doesn’t cost extra to walk down the pier, which is a plus. Our boys like to get a scoop of ice cream inside the Gift Shop and carry it with them on the pier.







IMG_1009Our plan was to visit the Nature Center for JP’s science lesson, but it was closed. Once we got to the beach, JP zeroed in on the barnacles under the pier. He literally studied them THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Ya’ll know, once JP gets fixated on something… 

I was thrilled, because it made for great science material. When we got back to the condo, he read about barnacles on his computer and wrote down what he learned in his Science Journal. Did you guys know that barnacles are animals? I had no idea. Apparently, they are related to crabs and lobsters and live in shallow tide water. Oh, and they’re also the grossest things I’ve ever seen. 







IMG_1012I told you. Obsessed! He was perfectly content with his bucket of barnacles.

The winds were blowing so hard (the birds were flying sideways) and the current was dangerously strong. BTW, parents with small (or not so small) children, when the lifeguard hangs the RED Flag, that means NO SWIMMING! There were SO many kids on boogie boards out in the ocean. Rip Tides are extremely dangerous and claim the lives of visitors each year. Please adhere to the warnings! (Sorry, I just had to say that). 

Obviously our favorite feature of MBSP is the beach, but the park offers so much more. We rode through the campground and immediately decided it was going to be one of our first camping destinations. It was exceptional (and we’re picky when it comes to campgrounds). 

The playground is shaded and right next to a bath house. Benches offer plenty of places for parents to sit.

Add Myrtle Beach State Park to your list of places to visit when you’re in the area!









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