Downtown Date + Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?!

IMG_2822Hello and Happy Monday! Clearly this photo was taken last week, because today we’re sitting in a pile of snow. I hate South Carolina snow. It’s not at all pretty. It’s wet and slushy and muddy (at least at our house).

 One morning last week, JP woke up and asked me to take him downtown to walk around and eat lunch. I couldn’t get dressed fast enough! I typically have to drag this kid out of bed and away from his electronics, so I was thrilled.

IMG_2867If given the choice, JP will always pick The Nose Dive on Main Street. I don’t argue, ’cause I love it too. 

IMG_2856Unfortunately, it was way too cold to eat outside.




IMG_2861I ordered Fish & Chips off of their lunch menu. It was so good. The fish (literally) melted in my mouth.





IMG_2880We weren’t in the mood to break our ankles, so we opted out of ice skating. Preston’s dying to go. We’ll wait for him. People watching is always fun!

IMG_2882We strolled around M. Judson Bookstore for a bit (one of our favorite past times). I bought a new book that I’m excited about. I’ll share more about that later. We’re stuck indoors, so I hope to begin reading today.

I have one (not so) little announcement to make. If you’re not sitting down, you probably should. We’ve added two new members to our already crazy family! It’s a long story, but Saturday dad and I drove an hour away to pick up German Shepherd puppies for the boys. You may need to re-read that. If you know us, you know we’ve always said “NO” to a house pet. I’m not sure at what point we decided this would be a good idea, but here I sit, a set of furry twins asleep at my feet. They are SO CUTE! I’ll be sharing more about them this week, so stay tuned!




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