Happy New Year’s Eve at Cantina76

IMG_3297My New Year’s Eve lunch was better than yours! It’s no secret, one of my all-time favorite taco spots in Greenville is Cantina76 on Main.

IMG_3296I couldn’t wait to try their Turkey Taco (a special during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season). 

IMG_3293Oh my, it did not disappoint!

IMG_3294Of course, what’s a trip to Cantina without the Peruvian Taco?! Turkey and Shrimp go together, right? 


IMG_3286After eating our weight in queso, I was ready for a nap.

It’s always fun to introduce your favorite friends to your favorite restaurants. I was so happy to have one of my bests join me. It won’t be her last visit either, she fell in love! Thanks, again, Cantina76 for your continued generosity. You exceed my expectations every. single. time. (Let’s do it again, soon!)

Did you guys have a fun, festive New Year’s Eve? Ours was pretty WILD. I was in my pajamas by 8:30 and only stayed awake to watch the ball drop because it was big deal to Preston. Now that he’s seen it, I’m pretty sure he’ll pass next year. I believe his words were, “I didn’t even see it drop! All I saw was confetti and smoke.” I agree.

2019 is off to a rocky start in our house. 6 out of 6 of us have been (or are) sick and the pups have decided they’re not interested in sleeping at night. Oh well. If you need me, I’ll be over here trying to stay positive.

On a side (but very important) note, I would like to thank everyone who has called, text, stopped by or brought dinner to our family after mom’s surgery. I’ve been overwhelmed – in the best way – by your kindness and support. We are so blessed to have the most loving circle of friends! 


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