Folly Beach Pier|Charleston, SC

IMG_5015In case you guys haven’t noticed, we are working from Charleston about every other week. The blog I write for here (Greenville 360) is expanding to the low country and I am taking over the account (Charleston 360). I’ll get into that more later, but we’re super excited! Follow us on Instagram. 

DSC03274When we were down there to tour the Dungeon , we took the kids to Folly Beach to play around a bit before locking them in the car for three hours.

DSC03268DSC03262 I have a deep love for Sullivan’s Island, but if we’re looking for a one-stop place to shop, play on the beach, eat, (use the bathroom) etc., Folly Beach Pier is typically our go-to.


IMG_5025Since this was technically a homeschool trip, let’s call this Marine Biology!

IMG_5027The weather was perfect. Back home it’s been raining for a century. It felt so good to get out in the sunshine.






DSC03292Remember, he’s all about the Barnacles.




DSC03286We didn’t actually eat at the Pier this time. I was craving Shrimp & Grits, so we stopped in the Charleston Crab House for a quick fix.


DSC03254Not a bad view…

The Crab House is the only place I’ve ever eaten Shrimp & Grits with BBQ in them. I order them off the appetizer menu – aside from being the cheaper option, it is very different than the Shrimp & Grits on their entree menu. They’re so much better! 

I’ve been in Florida since Friday. Even though I’m working, it’s so nice being away from home. By “away from home,” I mean, sleeping past five in the morning and not having to be responsible for anyone (or anything furry) other than myself. Mom will read this post, so the locks might be changed by the time I get home on Saturday. Sorry mom! I miss you. Really, I do.

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