King Size Portions on King Street|Virginia’s

IMG_4707We made a quick day trip to the Holy City on Wednesday of last week. Weather forecasts predicted sunshine here in the south and we had to make the most of it.

DSC02936As you may already know, one of our favorite places to eat is Virginia’s on King.

7DF7EED0-EB9E-4754-87FB-2EA360CCBBD9As long as we’ve loved this corner spot, it was THE FIRST time we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing their lunch menu. And a pleasure it was!

73C93BE9-167F-469C-AD58-E3FB40C56679Our waitress, (I could kick myself for not writing down her name), got our drink orders. Before I knew it, my sweet tea was in front of me. She must have known how badly I was craving my southern syrup.

PSA: their tea is perfection.

DSC04254We started our meal off with She-Crab Soup. While it was almost too pretty to eat, I didn’t waste much time. Don’t let the size of the cup fool you – it was FULL of crab! It was more than enough for us to split. I’ve had my share of She-Crab soup but Virginia’s is THE BEST.


DSC04258finally branched out from my usual Shrimp & Grits and ordered the Shrimp Po Boy.  They did not skimp on the shrimp! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was a bit distracted by Lynne’s order… (if you’re new to this blog, Lynne is a long time family friend and we’ve most recently ‘hired’ her as my Creative Assistant. She’s amazing and we love her!) 

DSC04256Are you ready for this? Say hello to the Soft Shell Crab & Pimento Cheese BLT with Fried Green Tomatoes. This was the first time in recent memory I had to use a fork to eat a sandwich!

DSC04255No offense to the (very fresh) bun, but the first thing we did was set the bread aside. Don’t judge.  No choice. We did not want to fill up on bread or french fries – and they were SO tasty.  This sandwich was my inspiration for the post title. King Size Portions on King. 

   On our first mid-day visit to Virginia’s, we experienced a total meal between two pieces of bread! Next time you’re ready to skip breakfast and dinner, enjoy one huge entree from Virginia’s Lunch Menu. You will not be sorry!







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