Article Links + Mini Update

I don’t think I’ve ever published a post like this. I promised an Upstate ghost story and  a link to the full Dock Street Theatre review.

I’m here to deliver both.

Click HERE to read the review (and a little history) of the Dock Street Theatre.

Click HERE to read a story about a local ghost.

It’s been a crazy week! I’m SO HAPPY not to have plans this weekend! JP will be with his dad and I’ll likely be in my pajamas.


Kerri and I got the boys together. We got to catch up while they disappeared into their gaming world.

I met up with my people (Kathi & Dave) Saturday night for a yummy dinner at LTO Burger Bar!

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. Preston made SURE we celebrated. He woke everyone yesterday morning saying, “Today’s a very special day!” Of course, he’s right! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Laurie.

 I’m working on a few new reviews. One is a cool children’s book and the other is Homeschool curriculum for a website.

Stay tuned for those.


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