Don’t Drink the Pink

I get requests to review children’s books almost every week. I turn most of them down because I just don’t have the time.

Recently, I received two boxes of books in the mail and I loved the contents of both!

I’m excited to share one of them with you today. (The other books are holiday stories that I’ll be sharing closer to Christmas).



The title grabbed my attention right off the bat. As a writer, your goal is for the title and first few lines of your story to catch the eye of the reader. Their job is to pull us in. This title made me want to open the book. I was dying to find out what the “pink” was, and why I shouldn’t drink it.

The text rhymes. In my opinion, this is always a risky move – not an easy thing to pull off. This author did a fantastic job! The rhyming was super creative and flowed well. It made the story come alive and held my interest.

The illustrations were nicely done. Younger children will enjoy the whimsical characters and colorful pages.

My favorite part was the story itself. The ending made me smile. The author opened the door for families to talk to their kids about relationships with grandparents and loss.


While the ending opens the door for conversations, it is also unrealistic.

*Spoiler alert*

We don’t get “do overs” in real life. When we lose a loved one, they’re gone. Unfortunately, we don’t see them again on this Earth. If you’ve got a very literal kid (ahem) it could cause a problem.


Overall, Don’t Drink the Pink is a fun read and I was thankful for the opportunity to review it!

Click HERE to grab your copy.

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