Ice on Main

It’s that time again – finally. Preston looks forward to Ice on Main all year. He’s been sitting on GO for weeks. And by “sitting on GO,” I mean driving us CRAZY!

I gave him a whole lecture beforehand. “Just because you could skate last year doesn’t mean you’ll hop on the ice today and not fall or need help,” I said.

And then I ate my words.

It was as if no time had passed. He’s a natural. We managed to arrive on scene before 3:00 p.m., beating the crowds.

JP watched from the sidelines this time. He and I had fun walking around and people watching.

Oh, and we also loved on baby Jackson!

Wait. I don’t think I’ve introduced you to Jackson.

Say hello to the newest member of our family. This precious piece of cargo belongs to my cousin and we’re here to make sure he’s good and spoiled! Psst… he’s named after my dad and his brother, Doug!

Jackson Douglas was born seven weeks ago and we are IN LOVE. Especially Preston.

God is good.

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week! Mom and I are hitting the road this weekend. We have a couple of fun work events to attend in the Holy City before hangin out in Garden City for the week.

Happy weekend!

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