Indianapolis Colts

While in Indianapolis, I attended my first NFL game! I don’t really follow the NFL, but it was a great experience. Once upon a time, I followed Peyton Manning and pulled for the Colts, so I enjoyed seeing the stadium.

Speaking of Peyton Manning…

The stadium is magnificent.

Praise God for climate control! It was so nice to enjoy a game without FREEZING to death.

img_1608-1My only complaint would be that the seats were a little too close together. Wait… maybe I’m not as small as I once was? Hmm.

img_1615-1If you watched the game (against the Carolina Panthers) you know the Colts ran away with the ball. Literally.

img_1621 Bailey, (my adopted daughter of sorts), is completing a social media/marketing internship with the Indianapolis Colts. Her Mom and I flew up for a short visit.img_1637If I had a Bucket List, I would be able to put a check in the “attend an NFL game” box. Thanks again, Bailey, for such an exciting experience!

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