For the Love of Quarantine

I was not made for social distancing. I repeat, I was not made for social distancing.

I just want to eat tacos on Friday night with my people. And Charleston. For the love of the Low Country, how long has it been?! While I’ve reveled in the relaxation that comes with an empty calendar, enough already! I’m ready for things to get back to normal. Whatever that means.

In an attempt to stay positive, I’ve been writing down all the ways quarantine has been good for us. I may or may not be making this list while sitting in church (sorry Mike).

• Preston’s home from school. We’ll take all the sleeping in you wanna throw at us. As a homeschool mom, you know I’m a fan of letting kids sleep until they wake up and not being confined to a classroom all day. I’m also a fan of MONK marathons and pancakes every morning!  I’m pretty sure Preston would vote to do his classwork by the pool for the remainder of forever.

Family devotions every night. This one’s been my favorite. In pre-quarantine days, there was not a night during the week that baseball, classes, or covering events didn’t take several us away from home. Every night for the past three months, we’ve gathered in the living room to pray, share, and read the Bible as a family. There’s not much I can add to this. It’s kept us (somewhat) grounded.

Forced to slow down. We’ve been burning up the roads. Between working in Charleston and our partnership with South Carolina State Parks, I didn’t realize how much we’d been traveling the past two years. For the first time in a long time, I’ve stopped long enough to breathe. It’s been refreshing.

Renewed appreciation for gathering. Whether it be in a group downtown or my Sunday school class at church, I will never take fellowship for granted.

Completed projects around the house. I’ve been surprisingly productive on this front. I may have been in my pajamas 85% of the time, but that still counts, right?!

I’ve saved money. I know I said family devotions were my favorite, but this is a close second! (Kidding, sorta). One of the upsides to staying home is NOT spending money to do all the things. The Stay at Home order really agrees with my bank account.

This sums up my head space the past few months. Anyone else experiencing a shut down?!

I apologize for being so MIA lately. Hopefully things will return to normal soon. Not sure if that’s a promise or a threat!

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