Bar Stool for One

I’ve never hung out in bars. I still don’t hang out in bars. But this weekend, I hung out in bars.

This may or may not be breaking news, but downtown Greenville is packed on the weekends.

I’m about to give you some free advice. Do not even attempt to walk through the doors of a restaurant without a reservation.

Read that again.

I learned this the hard way. Only it wasn’t so hard.

The wait time at any given spot was an hour or more for most parties.

Not for me.

Turns out “table for one, please” is a magic phrase. The hostess will send you straight to the bar and you’ll be eating in no time!

Eating solo is new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I’m seriously thinking of booking a hotel room and eating my way thru town ALONE every few months.

I met some really nice people. Bartenders are so friendly.

Jen, whose place of business shall remain nameless, gave me cookies. For no reason. She asked if I liked chocolate chip cookies and I said yes (who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?)

The next thing I knew we were eating from her stash under the bar.

I love my family and friends and wouldn’t trade our time together.

I’m just sayin’ this might be a new tradition for Andrea!

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