Furman Is Open and We’re Excited

Yes I’m devoting an entire post to the fact that Furman has opened back up to the public.

It’s that important. I don’t think a lot of people know.

When I posted this photo on social media Monday, I got a lot of feedback from ecstatic moms who had no idea.

So you’re welcome!

It was Jackson’s first time and he’s already asking to see the ducks and turtles again. I would advise you to visit between eight and nine in the morning. Otherwise, you run the risk of smothering in this southern heat.

Maybe that’s just me and my pre-mentapausal self?

But wait.

I did see that there’s a Moe’s Southwest Grill on campus, so it might be better to visit around lunch time!

I definitely plan on checking it out – I’ll report back.

Happy weekend!

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