Look at this face. I love his smile almost as much as the Chicken Fajita Burrito from Barbaritos.


📷 Not pictured: the Chicken Fajita Burrito because I literally inhale it every time. It’s not pretty.

I waited (not so) patiently for this chain to come to Greenville. Now that it’s here, you can find me stuffing my face about once a week.

I am who I am.

There are two locations. My fave is on Stone Avenue in front of the Harris Teeter.

Jackson loves to sit on the sidewalk and watch the ants as they go marching by.

I thought parking was going to be an issue. For the longest time, (four times, to be exact), I parked in the store lot behind the building and walked up the hill.

You may choose to do this. It felt good at first. Ya know, like I was getting my steps in and all that. But then I remembered that I’m lazy and don’t count steps.

Now I park in the garage.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Seriously, no one knows this but my mom. In addition to cows and kudzu, garages freak me out! There are only two I consistently park in downtown. Even then I get nervous. I’m scared I won’t find my car. Also, I’ve heard of people getting stuck and driving around in circles unable to find the EXIT. (People may or may not be me, but that’s not important).

All of that to say, parking is FREE in the garage. You can’t miss it, and there are fewer steps involved.

Let me know when you go AND what you order!! (Tell them Jackson + Andrea said hello!)


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