Therapy Session 4

This morning did not go as planned. I wrote an entire post with every detail of the debacle.

I deleted it. It was just too much.

Bottom line, I was up a lot during the night, which makes me cuss when my alarm goes off.

I was ill. It was impossible to get JP out of bed. He was ill. The ill versions of us do not agree.

I dropped him off at therapy (which I’ve not done before, so he panicked) and took one of the cars to the shop for tires and maintenance. Fun times.

Mom and the other two boys picked me up and we made a bee-line to the Chick-fil-A drive thru.

Girlfriend NEEDED a sweet tea. What I did not need was a faulty styrofoam cup of tea. 😩

We hung out in the parking lot waiting on JP. Just me, mom, the kids, and a cupholder full of (my spilled) caffeine.

It’s hard to stay grumpy around this face tho!

JP bounced out of the office in much better spirits. (Thank you, Amelia!) We drove thru Chick-fil-A for the second time. I told you I needed tea.

The rest of the day was smooth.

A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost✨

Hopefully our next visit will produce a more profound post!

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