Chimney Rock ROCKS

This title is fitting for several reasons. 1) it’s the actual name of the town, 2) it’s becoming one of our favorite places to visit, and 3) they have the most fabulous gem mine!

The theme of this “school” year might have to be GEOLOGY ROCKS. These boys have become obsessed with minerals + gems. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Growing up, I can remember my papa collecting gems. He kept them in his workshop. There was a Grand Canyon sized hole filled with kudzu beside the workshop, but we won’t talk about that nightmare. Remember how I’m terrified of kudzu?!

JP hit the jackpot on this trip.

Say hello to Steve. I don’t know if it was because we were the only customers at the time, or if he’s just that cool, but he made our whole experience.

I told him we were homeschooling and how this was their science for the day. Well, he took that to heart, and taught the kids so much.

In this pic, he’s showing them how to use the tool that breaks up the rock. (I should remember its name but I don’t. I guess I wasn’t paying attention in class!)

Thank you, Steve, for such a memorable (and educational) experience! And also thank you for my raw piece of Sapphire (he gave it to me for my birthday).

Now that it’s officially fall and the temperatures are slowly on the decline, we will be spending more time in this magical mountain town.

Have you been? There’s no shortage of things to do.

Our lunch view from the upper deck of Riverwatch Grill. The food is good but the atmosphere is unmatched.

I can’t wait to visit Chimney Rock State Park with the boys! I’ve not been in forever. My goal is to walk the five hundred-ish steps to the top. I’m sure Jack and Faye will be on the elevator.

I also wanna hike the trail to the falls. DYK: Hickory Nut Falls appeared in The Last of the Mohicans?

It’s a relatively easy hike, appropriate for people of all ages.


Dr. Lucius Morse was a practicing physician, originally from Missouri. At thirty two years old, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Given the order from his doctor to find a more healthy environment, Morse found + fell in love with the area.

Dr. Lucius, along with his twin brothers, Hiram + Asahel purchased the land (for a little over $5,000) with the dream of visitors experiencing the same peace with their family and friends.

FUN FACT: During the 1970’s -1980’s, the grandchildren/great-grandchildren were involved as park directors!

My family’s thankful for Dr. Morse and his dream + are looking forward to many more adventures.

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