Pumpkin Patch at St. Giles Presbyterian Church

We’re on the ball this year! I don’t remember getting pumpkins last year (did anybody do anything last year?). One year we waited till the last minute and all the good ones were gone. I’m so proud of us… it’s not even the week of Halloween and the kids have *decorated the front porch!

*By decorated, I mean they plopped the pumpkins down in front of the door so you have to step over them to get inside. Without fail, someone will trip. At least two of us will cuss under our breath because Jackson repeats everything we say. It’s a far cry from Southern Living up in here*

St. Giles Presbyterian Church has a pumpkin patch at the corner of Hudson + Devenger. In my former life, when I worked at the Meyer Center, we would take the classes on a field trip to get pumpkins.

Fun Fact: St.Giles was established in 1972 at Eastside High School.

We loved the unique shapes and sizes. They grabbed handfuls of the small ones. Because money grows on trees.
Well, maybe if it’s for a good cause…
Preston’s Knuckle Head pumpkin ~ sounds about right! Apparently the “warts” are edema because the pumpkin absorbed too much water. This happens if the growing season is cool + wet. That was our lesson for the day. I learned something new!

If you’re looking for a place to pick your pumpkin, head over to St. Giles. Proceeds help send their youth on two mission trips a year.

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