The Cookies Crumbl in Simpsonville

There are very few things that cause me to hop out of bed, dress, and hit the road by 9am.

Hot, homemade cookies tops that short list!

Greenville native, Robyn Gallucci and husband Paul (originally from New York) have brought sweet treats to town! Crumbl Cookies will open their newest location bright + early Friday morning!

“Bringing families + friends together over a box of the best cookies in the world.”

A research and development team has created ONE HUNDRED SIXTY flavors! Four different flavors join the perpetual chilled sugar + chocolate chip cookies each week. These sinfully perfect portions are baked from scratch.

Every Sunday night, a reveal is held to announce the new menu.

According to Robyn and Paul, the best selling cookie is “almost always chocolate chip.” While I agree that the chocolate chip is delicious, my personal favorite is the chilled sugar!

Key lime pie has never been a favorite of mine ~ can’t handle the tart. However, this recipe is just right!

What a sweet way to kick off the weekend! Anyone else okay with eating cookies for breakfast? Follow the crumbs to 702 Fairview Road, Suite 103.

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