Week In Review| Journal Post

Liberty Bridge, Falls Park

Happy Friday! Gosh, it’s been a busy week – in the best way. We’ve had some really rainy days and a few really beautiful days. We took advantage of the sunshine.

The perfect picnic in Falls Park 💚

Spring is on the horizon (thank you, God) and that means my inbox is full of messages asking about cheap things to do in and around Greenville. I love that question, and have so much fun making lists for people. In fact, I’ll be writing up a Spring/Summer Activity Guide for my newsletter soon! I’ll share the link when it’s published.

The total price of everything you see pictured above? $10 for pizza. That’s it. We packed up plates, napkins, a table cover, threw water bottles in the cooler and headed out the door. Everyone had a ball and I can still afford gas (well, sorta).

Another traveling art exhibit has come to town. Dale Rogers’ The Big Dog Show is a BIG deal y’all. 2 dogs have been placed downtown on Main + 18 at the old horse stables in Cleveland Park. I’m working on a story for Greenville. Stay tuned for all the details. In the meantime, check them out!

Doodle Park, Easley SC

One afternoon we ventured to Doodle Park in Easley. Honestly, it’s not my favorite. This spin-around-thingy was a huge hit, but that’s it. No swings, no slides, just several climbing apparatus for older kiddos. The trail may be a different story. Maybe we’ll go back and walk it sometime.

Berry Nutty Smoothie, Kuka Juice

In other (more important) news, I’ve found the world’s greatest smoothie. Kuka Juice struck gold with this one. As you can see, Jackson loves it too. Next time, he’s gonna get his own. I got maybe four sips of this one. 🙄

Treehouse Cafe & Studio , Travelers Rest

When it’s cold or raining, the kids love to paint at Treehouse Cafe & Studio in Travelers Rest. That’s not true ~ the kids love to paint there ANYTIME!

Owner, Kristen Coward, has created such a magical space. You don’t have to love art, but visiting might ignite a creative flame.

Baseball starts up for Preston this weekend! His first game is at sunrise tomorrow morning (not really, but it’s gonna feel like it). He already has his uniform laid out on the table. I love how excited he gets. The weather is supposed to be sunny + warm. You won’t hear me complaining about sitting outside all day!

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