Movie Review|Top Gun Maverick

Where do I begin? I’ve wanted to see Top Gun Maverick since the day it was released. I began salivating the moment I watched the trailer on YouTube. I want to be very careful not to drop any spoilers, so I’m choosing my words carefully.

Hmm. Okay, that’s easier said than done. I want to share all the reasons I loved it! I can’t effectively do that without spoiling it.

We can talk about how FLAMING HOT Tom Cruise is! Yeah, I said it. To those of you who don’t agree, (I’m looking at you, Natalie) you must be blind. He literally has not aged. Not even one year. I know he’s short and I know he’s wrapped up in some kind of religion no one understands, but mercy. If Tom doesn’t cause your neck hairs to stand up, no worries. The rest of the cast isn’t hard to look at. Just ask Natalie.

Perfection is the word I used to describe it to mom. There is plenty of nostalgia for those of us who loved the first one, but not so much that the story can’t stand alone. For example, my cousin Jamie and his wife, Natalie, went with us. I was hesitant to invite them because they both hated the original Top Gun. It hurts to even write that. I’ve always thought Jamie and I had a lot in common. I’m questioning our whole relationship. I thought I loved Natalie like a sister. I’m questioning that too. Despite their terrible mis-judgement of the 1986 masterpiece, they LOVED Maverick. 🙄

The sequel has less of a love story and more action. I’m not an action/thriller person, but the flight scenes are brilliantly intense. Preston was on the edge of his seat the whole time (same, buddy). When we got to the car, he pointed the rear air vents towards his head. His ears were blood red.

I laughed a little. I cried several times. My heart was racing almost the entire two hours. Very little language and no sex make it family-friendly. My advice is to re-watch Top Gun and then purchase tickets.

My only complaint is how my ONE ticket, one bag of Skittles, and one SMALL drink was $29?! Y’all know I don’t like spending that kind of money. Having said that, I’d spend it all over again. That is a review in and of itself. You want to pay the money to see it in the theatre. I realize between gas and concessions, you might have to pick up an extra shift at work or take out a loan, but it’s worth it.

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