A Happy July 4th for Everyone

We invited my dad’s side of the family over to swim + grill 4th of July. Jack got a new grill and Laurie and Wendell (dad’s brother) were anxious to give it a spin. I hate anything that resembles cooking, but I was excited about eating the food! I even ate a cheeseburger. I’ve probably not had one since this time last year. There was so much food. I need to write an entire blog post on Wendell’s banana pudding. 🤤

If this isn’t a Motley Crew…

I didn’t take many photos. The backyard was full of family + friends. My heart was equally as full.

Jackson waiting patiently for the fireworks 💥
Papa Jack even joined in the sparkle fun ✨

We’ve not bought fireworks since I was a young girl. This year, our guys bought just enough to make sure the kids enjoyed a magical 4th of July. Shout out to my family for always jumping in 💯.

When I said it was a happy 4th of July for everyone, I meant everyone. Even the furry ones.

JP + Charlie

This is Charlie. She’s afraid of literally everything. Thunder? Scared. Water? Scared. Motorcycles? Scared. Other animals? Scared. Vacuum? Scared. She’s terrified of fireworks!

Sampson isn’t phased by anything. Part of me was dreading the day because of Charlie. She whines, cries, and frantically runs all over the house. She doesn’t even calm in her crate.

I was determined not to put her (or us) through the nightmare this year.

Treatibles to the rescue! This was my first time trying CBD with the dogs. These bones contain four mg of CBD per (organic) chew. The directions say to give one treat per forty pounds. Not knowing how they would react, I started them out with half. Before everyone arrived, I gave one to each of them. They technically could have more, but didn’t need it!

We put them in their room for the night and I didn’t hear a peep out of Charlie. No whining, no crying or whimpering. Nothing.

We have a Calm Dog on Board!

Click here for more info and to place an order for your furry family member!

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