Homeschool Update 2022-23

I’ve been working on a homeschool update for a while. We’re off to a good start. Last week, I signed both boys up for online classes. BOOM! Just like that, my life is 1,000% less stressful. You guys know I’m not the organized homeschool mom. I don’t write out curriculum and follow a schedule. I do keep up with South Carolina standards (and the Greenville County syllabus), making sure JP and Preston are exposed to the material. Preston more so than JP. He eventually wants to re-enter the public school system.

Between the toddlers, my writing, and keeping up with data, I was chronically overwhelmed. I can already tell that the online program is going to be a game changer! I’m sitting in their therapy office right now writing this while JP is working through his Biology lesson.

Thank you, technology. I’ll share a review once we’ve used it for a few months.

I think I’ve shared this quote before, but it pretty much sums up my homeschool philosophy this year: “I don’t homeschool the kids to do school at home with them. I homeschool the kids to do life with them.”

There is no greater truth. Having the boys at home – ALL 4 (we have a new friend, Henry, with us three days a week) OF THEM 😅 – each day is the biggest blessing. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Now, on to the academics…

JP is currently enrolled in Biology, English, High School Math Concepts, Coding, World History, Geography, and Social/Emotional Development for high school. He has a camera and enjoys learning about photography.

Preston is enrolled in Social Studies, Social/Emotional Development for Middle School, 6th Grade Math, Middle School Health, Language Arts & Reading Concepts for Middle School, and 6th Grade Science. He is technically a year ahead in Social Studies and Science, according to the Greenville County syllabus. But it’s always good to review.

We attend two homeschool co-ops each week. One at our church on Wednesdays and then another on Friday at a church in Easley. We were hoping this would give JP and Preston a friend group. I think it’s working, SLOWLY but surely.

Jackson has a great time! It’s been good for him to be in a group of kids his age.

Don’t get the wrong impression… we are not organized. Some days we don’t get around to doing academic work. We call it a win if they log in to class three days a week. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. It’s okay. It does not take seven hours a day, five days a week to learn material! It’s taken me years to learn, but the freedom that comes from understanding this is priceless.

Is everyone ready for thanksgiving?!? Always and forever my favorite holiday. We’re leaving for the beach Sunday and I CANNOT WAIT! I’m looking forward to an actual vacation. Last year, I published a daily journal-type post while we were there. I’ll try to do that again.

Stay tuned…

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