Photo Post|Riverbend Equestrian Park

I wanted to share our photos from today’s visit to Riverbend Equestrian Park in Greenville.

A QR code is posted with horse safety + fun facts

Y’all know I have a soft spot for Black & White. I had to edit a few of them…

This was our first time at the park. The boys enjoyed interacting with the horses. You can tell they’re used to people being around.


Parking is free, but nothing is paved. We parked in the grass beside the entrance to the hiking trail. It cost zero dollars to walk the fence line and visit with the horses. I THINK there are three different hiking trails to choose from (don’t quote me). The half mile loop is very toddler friendly.

I know they offer horseback riding and birthday packages. Visit the website here for that information.

We wanted to be in the sunshine. The temperature was just right. I 10/10 recommend Riverbend for a low key, FREE outdoor adventure close to home.


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