christmas is going to look a little different this year

“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m tellin’ you why – Santa Claus is coming to town!”

Do you have that song in your head now? If so, you’re welcome.


He plays a pretty big role in our house this time of year. We talk about him, share our (ridiculously long) wish lists and pose for a multitude of pictures in multiple locations around town.

We also use him as a bribery tool. Parents, do you feel me? More than once (okay, more than a dozen times) a day I begin a sentence with, “Santa is watching you…” 

And #sorrynotsorry ’cause it works.

Bottomline, our Christmas revolves around Santa. And that #@!* Elf too, but that’s another story. 

It’s always been okay with me. Santa is fun! This isn’t going to be one of those Santa – bashing articles where I criticize parents for “lying” to their kids about the North Pole (we’re still gonna lie).

It is, however, going to be a post where I share a few of the reasons why we are backing off a little.

  1. JP and Preston have too much STUFF. They can’t keep up with everything they have now. The thought of waking up on Christmas day and having to find additional space for MORE makes me want to cry.
  2. I feel guilty. Yep, you read that correctly. Have you watched the news lately?! OMGah. Children are being shot in schools. Houses, businesses and whole families are being burned in fires. Let’s not forget the gazillion children living in less fortunate countries who have nothing. These are just a few of the things taking place while I’m sauntering up and down the isles of the local Toys R Us.
  3. TSS (toys, Santa & stuff) has nothing to do with Christmas. Absolutely nothing. I don’t know your beliefs, but we are Christian. In our small, insignificant corner of the world, we believe that Jesus was born around this time of year. And at the risk of sounding cliche, we believe He is the “reason for the season.” Yet, we seem to spend less and less time actually celebrating His arrival. What’s wrong with that picture?

This past weekend I talked to the boys and told them how we felt it was time to make a some changes. To my surprise, both of them were 100% on board!

Nothing too drastic. We are putting up a Christmas tree, however, instead of traditional ornaments, the boys will decorate the entire thing.

Saturday we began our day in downtown Greenville (duh) and took Preston to see the Festival of Trees in the Hyatt. 



If you’ve not been to see the trees, be sure to stop in. There are hundreds (that’s probably an exaggerated number) of beautiful Christmas trees decorated by local businesses and schools.

I fell in love with one in particular.


For whatever reason, I didn’t get a picture of the actual tree. I could kick myself for that, but whatever. Anyway, there were papers pinned on almost every limb. Adorned in card stock, it was the most beautiful one.


Preston told me what to write on his.

I can’t say that our tree will look exactly like this one, but you get the picture. Knowing JP and Preston, I can’t imagine what it will look like. But I can tell you it will be special.

Our most beautiful one to date.

As for the rest of the house? It’s going to be decorated with banners and balloons.

We’ll be celebrating a birth.

When Jesus was born, the Wise Men brought him three gifts. This year, Santa will come, but each boy will only receive three gifts.


Christmas is going to look a little different this year. 

Head over to Kidding Around Greenville and read their post on giving the gift of ‘experience.’ They have some really cool gift ideas that do not involve clutter!



    • I don’t know! Preston was the one who found it. It’s at the bottom of the steps if you’re entering from the NOMA square side (where the Roost is) right beside where you turn to use the restrooms. It was so creative!


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