Happy Monday (maybe)! 

I know I promised the Kilwins review today but I am having trouble loading pictures from my phone to the blog.


beg you to be patient with me as I work out the kinks within this new site. I promise, no one is more frustrated than I am.

I completely unplugged from my laptop this weekend. At work, I’ve been testing kids ON A LAPTOP. I come home most evenings and work ON MY LAPTOP. I was tired of looking at a screen. It was too much.

Now, not only did I not post my Kindness Around Greenville challenge, but I am unable to post the review. I am 120% behind in my writing.

I could definitely use a much stronger word than frustrated, but I try to keep things clean around here. 

I guess the stress has me void of all the creative feels.

Just hang with me, okay?

In the meantime, you can find miscellaneous pictures and praise for Kilwins on my social media sites. I promise to post the review as soon as I figure out how to upload my pictures.

Check back in tomorrow for a new post. Also, visit Sunshine & Rain -Personal Blog on Facebook, @AndreaBeam1 on Twitter and @sunshineandrain33 on Instagram


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