our unconventional christmas + a few black & white

The good news is, I am probably 70% in the Christmas spirit. That’s BIG for me! <insert all the clap emojis> 

We even put up our tree (more claps).

Remember though, it’s not a traditional tree. Because our Christmas looks different this year. (You can read about that here).






We might add red and white ball ornaments. Other than that, we’re done. I think my favorite part is the tree topper. I like the birthday banner, but it keeps falling and causing me to almost cuss (I wouldn’t actually cuss, right?). It’s developed into more of a burden.

Absolutely NO shopping has taken place, so I’m holding out hope that Santa is actually real. 

While decorating, I couldn’t help but think of how our decorations (or lack thereof) are the perfect depiction of our family these days.



We will never be accused of being ‘normal,’ but it works for us. 

At least for the moment.




And I love this moment. 

*FYI, I’m still working on uploading pictures from my phone. Today’s pics were transferred from Facebook* 

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