my favorite christmas



We didn’t get around to making cookies for Santa this year. We were SO busy wrapping and cleaning and organizing and cooking and…

Really. It wasn’t because I was laid up in bed all day long watching Grey’s Anatomy episodes on repeat. 

It’s all good though. JP left a nice little snack plate for good ‘ole St. Nick, complete with Ritz crackers, marshmallows and peanut butter pretzels. Santa LOVES peanut butter pretzels. 







Less really is more. There’s something to be said for cutting back during the holiday season. There was no stress, no grief, no anxiety and no tears.

Just a whole lot of happy. 

The partying isn’t quite over for our crew. We still have two family functions to attend this week. Stay tuned for those pics because our baby Teagan is with us this year and I can’t wait to see all the kids together for the first time!

3 Reasons Why I Loved This Christmas:

  1. Christmas was on Sunday. When I first realized the 25th landed on Sunday morning, I don’t mind telling you, I sported a pretty dramatic eye roll. I mean, I love church but Santa comes on Christmas morning… there’s no time for a church service. That feeling only lasted a couple of seconds. We’ve spent the past few months reminding the boys about the true meaning of Christmas. What better way to celebrate that Truth than spending Christmas morning in a sanctuary with our church family. The service was wonderful, as always.
  2. We didn’t buy a lot of gifts. Our big present this year was season passes to Dollywood in Tennessee. We also spent the week prior to Christmas at the beach. We’ve decided that making memories is the best gift we can give one another. It might not be for everyone. If your family does a big Christmas, there is nothing in the world wrong with that. We’re just choosing something a little different.
  3. I stayed inside most of the day. Avoiding travel may not be an option for you, even if it’s across town to visit family. This year was the first year we had no plans. On Christmas Eve OR Christmas Day. In fact, I was in my pajamas 90% of the day and loved every single minute of that time. Rest and relaxation is one of those things money can’t buy. 

I hope your weekend was special. Stay tuned for more family Christmas pics & the GREATEST GIFT I RECEIVED this year! 






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