kilwins greenville: where superheroes stop for ice cream

The boys and I used to spend our Monday afternoons in downtown Greenville at Marble Slab. We called it Marble Slab Monday.

That was before I discovered Kilwins on North Main.


Ice cream might not be on your list of ‘things to eat’ this time of year, but I am here to change your mind. It’s not like it’s been cold outside anyway – how crazy is this weather?! 


I ordered a small (which is not all that small) cup of their version of Moose Tracks, and it took NO time for this treat to melt in my mouth.

Kilwins offers more than just ice cream…


When was the last time you bit into a big ‘ole caramel candy apple?


Or maybe you’d like to try the chocolate popcorn. Salty and sweet? Yes, please! 







Mom chose a delicious double scoop waffle cone.

Chocolate, vanilla, fudge and candy galore… what more do you need in life?

Don’t take my word for it, apparently Captain America eats there too!



I mean, seriously. If Captain America chooses to eat his ice cream at Kilwinsshouldn’t you?



Where to park? Richardson Street garage is my personal favorite and is only one block away. There is a garage behind the Hyatt Regency hotel that is convenient. Of course, you can always try and park directly on Main (good luck with that). 

Where to eat your treat? You most definitely want to park yourself outside at the cute neon green tables in NOMA Square. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s plenty of seating inside the Hyatt in the lobby, AKA the perfect place for people watching! Of course, there’s always the option of walking down Main while you eat. Truthfully, that’s probably best…

Exercise + ice cream = the perfect combination. It practically cancels out the calories, right?

If you’re not up for exercising – because even us fitness fanatics need a break – you can always hop on the Trolley. Just make sure to check the schedule beforehand to make sure it’s running. 


I hope you guys enjoy Kilwins as much as I did. When you go, make sure to tell the owner, Ashley, I said hello!

We are home from the beach and trying to get settled in before all of the Christmas festivities begin.  Tonight I am 100% pooped and cannot wait to crawl into my own bed and sleep for a day or two.

Yeah, you’re right. That’ll never happen. 

I’ll have to settle for not setting an alarm! 

*I think I’m done playing with my blog design. For now, anyway. Thanks for your support and faithfulness as I continue to learn my way around the site*

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