friday’s favorite: if you’re looking for a place to stay in 2017…


… look  no further.

In my previous blog life I wrote a glowing review for the Hilton Garden Inn off Woodruff Road. My review was lost when the other site disappeared into the black hole that is cyber space.

I still can’t talk about it.


I also lost TONS of pictures from my stay. The reason I have (a few of) them to share with you today is because the go-0ver-and-above team at Hilton Garden sent them back to me.

I call them go-over-and-above because they do just that. Everyone. My stay was note worthy and an experience you’d definitely want to write home about.



From the moment you walk through the front doors, everything is 100% fabulous. The lobby, pool, restaurant/bar area & gym are all pretty close to perfection, if you ask me.


I look forward to going back this summer and lounging around the pool. Comfy chairs + tables = TOTAL relaxation!


Our room was immaculately clean and full of extra amenities that made our stay extra pleasurable. P.S. Thank you for the hair dryer in the bathroom! 







Do not get me started on the breakfast. Forget “complementary.” You’ll be served a hot, made to order plate of deliciousness when you wake up in the morning and the price is on point.

Somehow they knew that the way to my heart is through a yummy breakfast! 


Looks like I’m not the only one who had a memorable time. JP and his 14.5 million stuffed animals felt right at home.

Clearly I cannot recreate my original review, but the only thing important for you to know is, the Hilton Garden Inn is the perfect place for you and/or your family to stay while visiting the beautiful town of Greenville.

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