the library in b&w + why i need to read more












img_20170109_172310When JP was little, before he started kindergarten, he stayed with a friend of ours during the day. She taught him so much. To this day, one of the things JP remembers (and often talks about) is how she read to him at rest time. I’m sure she read lots of things, but he remembers her reading Lassie the most. The chapter book. I can’t help but think that, that’s why he loves books so much.

While we were at the library, the boys checked out several books a piece. Preston picked out a chapter book for us to read at bedtime. I can’t wait to start the tradition with him.

Oh, and by the way, I have GOT to get my nose out of social media and in a book. The amount of times I check Facebook during the day is growing ridiculous at a rapid rate.

That’s one of my non-New Years-resolutions. Other than posting on social media for the blog, I am going to slow down my Facebook interaction. It consumes too much of my day. My life. There are SO many books I want to read.

Maybe I’ll start with Lassie! 

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