Friday’s Favorite: Lowes Foods in Greer, it’s not your average grocery store





A few weeks ago, I had the great fortune of spending an evening with the kind + talented “cast members” of Lowes Foods in Greer.  Why do I call them ‘cast members?’ 

Glad you asked.

Because they basically put on a show! 

Parents, gone are the days when you had to drag your kiddos out of the house – kicking and screaming – to the grocery store. This place is AMAZING!  If asked to describe Lowes Foods in one word, I would have to say, INTERACTIVE.


Because this blog is geared toward families  + children, I want to start out with the Cakery.  Walk through the main door, take a left and ask someone to direct you to the back of the store in the direction of the Birthday Wonderland. You may or may not have to explain what the ‘Birthday Wonderland’ is… I sorta made that up!


Look at these cakes, ya’ll!  And when you’re done admiring (or drooling, whichever comes first), let me introduce you to the PRICE. Seriously?  It takes exactly 30 minutes to drive from my house in Greenville to this particular location. These delicious drops of heaven are worth every mile!




If you’re wondering what the Cake Wand (pictured above) is all about, well, you’ll just have to make the trip and find out for yourself!  Trust me, it’s adorable. Grab your birthday buddy and ask to see the Cake Wizard.

The geniuses at Lowes Foods are in the process of creating birthday party packages. I cannot wait to see what exciting ideas they come up with! They’re not quite ready, but we all know that good things come to those who wait. 

They have plenty of goodies to keep you fat + happy while you shop (and I’m not calling anyone fat – it’s an expression!)



Once you’ve experienced the magic in the Cakery, make sure to check things out in the Bakery…




Some might say it’s odd to have a bicycle in the middle of a grocery store. And maybe it is, but only if you aren’t interested in having a little fun. Several times a day, a member of the bakery rides around the store with a basket full of bread for you to sample. I’m glad I decided to cut carbs AFTER my visit!

There are musical instruments, AKA pots and pans, hanging around for your mini musicians to beat on while you try and decide which bread you want to buy. Because you are planning to buy bread, right? 

I went to the store hungry. All the samples offered and yummy food glaring at me from behind the glass made it SO hard to wait on dinner.




I hope you know the motions to the Chicken Dance because every time a chicken pops out of the oven, you’ll want to join in with the cooks as they show off their moves!

I am not going to pretend I know what I’m talking about when it comes to produce, organics, cheeses or anything else that has to do with cooking. What I can tell you is, if cooking (or food in general) is your thing, Lowes Foods is the place to be. They have everything. I was 100% overwhelmed with all the information. I actually felt kind of silly standing next to all my blogging buddies. Most of them are very talented food bloggers and know so much more than I do. The members of the Lowes team are knowledgable and eager to help people like me.









Your kids won’t be offered cookies and cakes at this store… only organic fruits + vegetables.

Next up was dinner – OH. MY. YUM. The spread was delicious. We were seated at the wooden table directly in front of the bakery. The table was made out of an old barn and was absolutely gorgeous.

*WARNING: The following images are likely to cause overwhelming hunger pangs and/or trigger an overproduction of saliva*







The moral of this story?  If you live in or around Greer, shop at Lowes Foods.  Also, if you don’t live in or around Greer, STILL shop at Lowes Foods.

P.S. I’ve only touched the surface of everything Lowes has to offer. 

To my new friends at Lowes, I cannot thank you enough for the generosity, kindness + support shown to us. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my visit and hope to see more of you guys in the future. 

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