Mi Voy a Las Islas


In Spanish that says, I’m off to the islands! 

I will be on a break from blogging – and every other form of work – for the next 10 days. Did you hear that? TEN WHOLE DAYS!  Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now!  I have a post scheduled to publish tomorrow (Friday’s Favorite) but as you read it, I’ll be on my way out of town for the week. While it’s true we take a LOT of road trips, I always carry my laptop and work while I’m gone. Cruising is the only vacation where I am 100% disconnected from all of my work and responsibilities. Insert 1,000,000 praise hands and clap emojis. Unfortunately, I do not purchase a media package (I actually enjoy being unplugged while away) so my social media accounts will be on pause as well. Having said that, I will be able to post pictures and stories, and you know I will, until Friday around 4. So, you can peek into our ratchet-ness for a few hours anyway! And then, of course, I’ll have a bazillion pictures to share when we return.

My friends and I are traveling to Georgia and spending one night before setting sail Saturday morning.  I can already smell the ocean and taste the salty air!

I hope all of you have an amazing week and I will ‘see’ you on Monday, March 13th! 


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