Friday’s Favorite: Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico has been on my mind lately, so I knew it had to be this week’s Favorite. I guess because we’ve just been to the beach? I don’t know…

OR… it could be because I’m heading back there THIS WEEK!  That’s right.  I am SO excited! I’ve had so much trouble focusing on my daily activities. You know, like the little kid on Christmas Eve who can’t sleep because Santa’s coming?  Yeah…that has been me this week. 

This trip is special because we are visiting countries I’ve never been to (Belize, Honduras).  I’ll definitely have to write up a travel review after we return, but for today, I’m sticking with Cozumel.


First, let me say that this is an actual photo, and I snapped it long before I knew what filters were. The whites and blues, those are the actual colors. Ummtake me away, please and thank you! 

This was one of the beaches we visited while on the island. Cozumel was the only place where we didn’t swim. There was too much other stuff to do. We spent most of our time in this sand looking for shells to bring home to the less fortunate, AKA, our families. 

Just like with other islands and ports, there’s no shortage of things to do. Unfortunately for you, I’ve only been once so I can’t review or give tips for anything other than what my friends and I did.

WHAT DID WE DO?  We did not book an excursion while there. Once we got off the boat, we walked straight to the car rental place and rented a topless Jeep.  The prices were very reasonable (if I remember correctly, it was about $75/day) and SO MUCH FUN!  You can find plenty of vans and taxi cab drivers anxious to accept your money and show you around the island but it ended up being cheaper and less stressful for us to explore on our own.

WHERE DO YOU GO?  Hands down and without question, the very first place you should go is Punta Sur. 


Not only is the sand and surf amaze, but there is a beautiful lighthouse that you HAVE to see. And you must climb to the top. It is simply breathtaking!  This is what I am most excited about. Right behind the lighthouse, there is a spot on the beach where you stand on the rocks and wait on a wave to roll in… When the water hits the rocks, it’s like an exploding volcano! The water splashes over you like a welcomed shower. #paradise 

WHERE DO YOU EAT?  This is another one of my favorites. Can you tell that I am a major fan of Cozumel?  Unlike some of the places we’ve been, there is an open-air restaurant that sits right on the beach.  El Playa Bonita. I don’t feel worried over what I’m eating there and the atmosphere is on point. Just make sure you don’t drink the water, but you probably already know that! The COKE truly is the real thing, baby! I don’t know, something about drinking a Coke while looking out over crystal blue waters is unbelievably refreshing.

This is all the advice/opinions I have to offer you today. Hopefully I’ll have a little more insight after this trip. Maybe we’ll swim this time! 

I do have a lot of friends who are entertaining the thought of a cruise. I wrote an entire blog post months ago on the Top 10 Reasons to Cruise. It was another article that got lost in cyber space *tear.  I’m not going to try and recreate it today (maybe in the future) but I will tell you that if you’ve cruised before, Cozumel should be your next stop. For those of you who have never been on a ship, your first time needs to be something on a smaller scale. The Bahamas is always a good option OR the Florida Keys. Believe it or not, I’ve not been to the Keys, but it’s a shorter trip – they have 3 day cruises – so if  you’re unsure of how you would do on the open seas, it is a great place to start.  Cozumel is usually an 8 to 10 day trip and, although this will be my first time in Honduras and Belize, I feel sure it will remain in my top favorite spot!

HAPPY WEEKEND (and next week!) 


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